Gifted and Talented

Advanced Learning Programme (ALP)

Boys identified with high academic and intellectual ability, who have the potential to be able to produce outstanding performances in their academic studies.

Why is ALP needed?

Our school's philosophy does not accept the "one size fits all" approach, students need to be educated at their appropriate speed, depth and complexity. To foster a strong, positive academic school culture - striving for academic excellence. The alternative for gifted students is boredom, frustration, behavioural issues, and unrealised potential through under achievement. It is also a mandatory requirement of the Ministry of Education - NAG 1 (iii).

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Gifted and Talented Information

Scholarship 2020 Information

Scholarship examination information, tutorials, and teachers to contact with regards to the subjects and how to prepare for the examinations will be published at the beginning of 2020.


For enquiries about Gifted and Talented education matters please contact:

Noeline Ashby Director of Advanced Learning Programmes Tel: Email: