40 Hour Famine

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students
At Hamilton Boys’ High School, we see the need to take care of our community - not only our local community, but those overseas.
We may never have met the embattled Malawians who valorously overcome the numerous adversities they face - such as climate change, Covid-19, and food shortages, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support our fellow communities in need.
In the comfort of our own homes, we will never be able to experience their pain. However, the 40 Hour Famine affords the students of HBHS an opportunity to empathise with sufferance that we are fortunate in not experiencing.
Simultaneously, it also allows us to give to those who need it most, giving those impoverished individuals the potentially lifesaving supplies they require.
Thus, this year, it is our goal as HBHS to raise at least $2020 for this grand cause - even if you cannot donate yourself, please do consider taking part as a symbol of solidarity.
You can donate or learn more about this event from