A message from the Academic Committee

Kia Ora Everyone

Welcome to your third week of online classes. We hope that everything is going well for you during these unusual times and we want to remind you to keep on top of your work, it is much easier to do your work when it is assigned rather than having to catch up later. 

To further help you in your studies at home, we have launched a Homework Help Facebook Group 2020 where you can post your questions and one of us or an Academic Honours student will answer them. Please follow the guidelines when using this group as it is a resource intended to help everyone. The following link can be used for easy access to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/897582520668129. We are happy to help so don’t be afraid to send us your questions. 

Below is another set of tips that should help you improve your productivity at home:

  • Keep a divide between your free time and your study. Make sure that you have a set time and place to study to get the most out of it. Don’t do your schoolwork on the same couch that you watch TV on, have a specific place, and make sure that the time you set out for study isn’t spent doing other things like talking to friends.

  • Keep in contact with teachers! Usually you would be spending 4-5 hours a week with them, and while they are all doing the best they can in the current situation, if there is something you’re unsure about, don’t be afraid to ask them. 

  • Don’t stop working hard just because you are not at school. This is especially relevant to those who have NCEA Exams at the end of the year. It may be easy to slack off and do the bare minimum because you are not at school. Remember many teachers are setting work for internals that will start the moment school does! 

We wish you the best of luck for your self-study at home and want to remind you to make use of the resources offered to you.

Kia Kaha
The Academic Committee