Dear Parents and Caregivers

The health of our students and staff is a priority for us all and so I wish to update you on the steps we are taking with respect to the coronavirus. These steps are in line with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines.

As with any illness, if your son is unwell, he should not come to school. Please seek advice from your GP or contact Healthline at 0800 611 116 for medical advice.

If students or staff come to school and show symptoms of being unwell, we will continue to care for them via our Wellness Centre and we will contact you as per our normal protocols. We may ask students or staff to remain at home if we feel this is in the best interests of our community’s health.

We have no students from the Wuhan province. All students returning from overseas will be monitored by our International Centre staff and by staff in our Wellness Centre.

For further information and advice on the coronavirus, please visit the following page on the Ministry of Health’s web site:

Mrs Hassall