HBHS Boys safety after school

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Recently we have been made aware by members of the public, that some of our boys are acting dangerously and being inconsiderate while on their bikes. This type of behaviour appears to be mainly occurring directly after school.
Yesterday, I received a phone call from a train driver who was very shaken up as he had narrowly missed hitting some of our boys, who decided to cross the railway tracks directly in front of his train. These incidents occurred at the Peachgrove Road railway crossing and then the railway crossing closest to the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club. We are very lucky not to be dealing with a fatality in our school community today.
Can I please ask you to talk to your son about acting safely on the roads and around any railway crossings. Unfortunately, some of our boys think they are bullet proof, particularly on their bikes.
The boys are receiving these safety messages at school both in tutor group time and from next week, in assemblies, but ultimately we cannot control their behaviour outside of school hours.
Your continued support is much appreciated.
Nick Power
Deputy Headmaster