HBHS Drop off/Pick up Argyle Street and Main School Entrance

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Please be advised that you are not allowed to drive into the school grounds between 8:00am-4:00pm, to drop off or pick up your son.

Students must walk or bike into and out of the school. This is a Health & Safety issue for the school.

All numbered car parks at the school are allocated to staff. There is visitor parking at the Student Services Centre for those that need to go to the Shop or collect their son from the Health Centre and there are visitor car parks by the library for visitors who have appointments at the school.

Boys can be dropped off or picked up on one of the numerous access streets to the school. Peachgrove Road is itself now becoming so congested that it is dangerous at peak times to stop near our entrance. Your willingness to pick up/ drop-off further away is appreciated.

There have been several accidents and many close calls from parents entering/exiting school grounds.

Executive Team