HBHS Esports Registration

Dear HBHS Parents/Caregivers

It is a hard time for all at the moment. A lot of sports and extra-curricular activities have been suspended along with the new restrictions the Covid-19 Virus has imposed on the country. As you will be aware, we have a huge co-curricular programme at our school and the boys are hopeful that we will be able to kick off our winter season at some point next term.

In the meantime, a new opportunity has arisen, for those who would still like to be socially or competitively involved with one another. The school is looking to establish an Esports activity and team with the ultimate goal of being able to compete in organised events. Esport is a form of sport competition using video games. It is an internationally recognised sport, with the number of spectators and competitors growing dramatically in recent years.  

There is no fee associated with this sport and everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of skill level. 

Follow the link below if you would like to register your son(s)' interest in HBHS Esports.


Registrations of interest will close on Tuesday the 31st of March.  

Kia Kaha

Charles Annals
Captain of Sports - Hamilton Boys' High School