HBHS Headmaster's Message Friday 20 March 2020

Kia ora koutou,

As we reach the weekend, after a week of change and uncertainty, I thank you again for your continuing support of the school. Students remain settled and happy, despite the changes we are seeing every day.
With so much information and misinformation swirling around about COVID-19, I want to share with you what will happen if we were to have a case in our school community.

  • If, in future, a case is confirmed at Hamilton Boys’ High School, including a student, a staff member, or a member of the student or staff member’s household, the Medical Officer of Health and Ministry of Education will inform me, and I will work with them to ensure you receive immediate and clear notification of the situation.
  • If there is a case confirmed of someone in our school, we will be asked to close temporarily by the Medical Officer of Health. This will allow time for close contacts to be traced, appropriate testing to be undertaken, and a careful and thorough clean of the school to be undertaken.
  • If our school does need to close temporarily, we have a plan in place to support students’ learning. 

We understand and share your concerns about the future development of cases of COVID-19, and your very real focus on the wellbeing of your family members. Please be assured that with no case confirmed in our school, your sons are safe here.
Good hygiene remains a priority, and we are reinforcing this regularly with all students and staff. We know that practising good hygiene is still the best thing we can all do to prevent illness. Thank you for your support in this endeavour.

I attach a diagram developed by Dr Siouxsie Wiles, to assist us when considering symptoms. It is important to note that a dry cough and a high temperature are common to both flu and COVID-19. Also, that while sneezing is not a symptom of COVID-19, if someone has COVID-19, then sneezing can spread droplets containing the virus.

I reiterate my request in my communication yesterday, that if your son is unwell, please do not send him to school.

If he displays any of the symptoms shown as linking to COVID-19, please ensure he is seen by your doctor.

We are fortunate to be receiving the most up to date advice and guidance, so that we can confidently make informed decisions about the safety and wellbeing of our school community.

I hope that you have a relaxing weekend with family, and that next week is calm and settled for us all!

Susan Hassall