HBHS Headmaster's Message Friday 27 March 2020

Dear parents, caregivers, and students
Today, we end the term. As we begin the holiday break, though earlier than expected, and vastly different from what we hoped for, I wish you all the very best over the next two weeks. It will be a quiet time, a time to stay well, and to respect the restrictions placed upon us, in the way you find least stressful. Enjoy the opportunity to slow down, and to appreciate the ‘small graces’ in our lives.
As I offer you all my very best wishes for the two week break you will share, I thank you all again for your contribution to ensuring that we have been able to move into a very different world of teaching and learning, so efficiently and so well. 
I thank our wonderful parents and caregivers, for your very real support and love for your sons, and your commitment to their continued academic success.
And I thank, too, our special, amazing students. I am exceptionally proud of you, gentlemen, as you adjust to the most significant event in education in my career. Your resilience, and your very real willingness to do your very best to carry on in these difficult circumstances, is a testament to your character as individuals, and demonstrates your care for our school family.
We are blessed to be able to stand together, so strongly, through this time. My thanks to you all. 
Enjoy a time of relaxation, away from the pressure of the normal routine of the term, so that you can return to this new world of learning after Easter with enthusiasm, and a genuine commitment to giving your very best, to the sense of arete which we speak of so often.
Please do stay in touch, with me, and, for our students, with each other. The holiday break is timely, in this time of stress, and it is well deserved for both staff and students.
On behalf of the school’s Executive team, myself, and Deputy Headmasters Nigel Hotham, Stuart Hakeney, Nigel Hunter, Greg Kirkham, and Nick Power, I send our love and our very best wishes through this most difficult time in New Zealand’s history.
We look forward to seeing you all, in the not too distant future.
Stay safe, and stay very strong, for yourself, and for each other.
With love, and very best wishes,
Susan Hassall