HBHS Headmaster's Message Monday, 15 November 2021

Tena koutou katoa e te whanau

On Thursday we farewelled our Senior school, as they left to begin study leave after a wonderful week of celebrations. It has been very special, seeing the Senior school adapt to the changing expectations and restrictions, and I have never felt prouder to be a part of this wonderful school. A very genuine thank you to all of our families for your support and care through the challenges of the past four weeks. We were able to finish so well, and while we missed the full ceremony of prize giving, what we did share was both unique and very moving.

And, as we begin Week 5 of our final term, we are delighted to learn that we will be returning to Alert Level 2 for the start of school on Wednesday.

This will mean that our Year 9 and 10 students can return to school after four and a half weeks of working online, to a more normal end of year. 

I will be emailing more details of the return, and of the specifics of the weeks ahead tomorrow. However, I write this evening to reinforce our goal of ensuring a very quick, focussed return for our students as they return to class, in preparation for Year 10 examinations and Year 9 assessments.

Please ensure that your son spends tomorrow preparing for his return on Wednesday, and that you share with him our protocols and expectations when we post them tomorrow. 

I am excited that we are able to welcome these young men back to school for the final three and a half weeks - and every day of the rest of the year counts, in so many ways. For me, it has to be happy, joyful and filled with determination and hard work!

We will contact you tomorrow with more detail of our planned return to school, including health and safety priorities, and our calendar for the final month of term.

Thank you for the lovely stories of endeavour I received from you about your special young men; they made my day, and were well received and greatly appreciated. 

All the very best as we return to Alert Level 2, whatever it means for your family!


Susan Hassall