HBHS Headmaster's Message Thursday, 11 June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As we move to Alert Level 1, I am very pleased to be able to take this opportunity to thank you all, for everything you have contributed to our world over the past 12 weeks. It has been a time of uncertainty and anxiety for all, and now, as we begin to hold assemblies, as classes regain the full momentum in teaching and learning, and as we plan the beginning of the Winter sport season, we must continue to feel grateful. With the emotion of gratitude, comes happiness and a greater sense of contentment, even when we face challenges and disappointment in our lives. So it is important to encourage the young men of the school to reflect on all of the many positives we have in our world, thanks to the commitment of so many.

We are working through the ongoing changes to our school calendar, as we strive to commit to rescheduling and maintaining as many activities as possible, while recognising the importance of maintaining a settled, "focussed on learning" Term Three. An updated, live calendar is available to you on https://www.hbhs.school.nz/school/school-calendar/ so that you can remain aware of any changes we have made.

We remain committed to best practice in hygiene, and we will continue to send home any student who appears unwell. Although we are blessed to be back to a normal routine, we remain vigilant, and our expectations on our students remain high. Part of our sense of gratitude as a school, is for the wonderful young men we work with, every day, and for their willingness to support us in realising our goal to remain safe and well.

After three and a half weeks back, the school is settled and engaged, and both staff and students are very positive about the remainder of the term, and of the year. I hope that the return to normal for you, and your families, has also been as smooth and happy.  

I look forward to sharing the opportunity to enjoy watching sport, on the sidelines, in the gymnasium, and at the turf, through the weeks ahead. And to take time to listen to some wonderful performances by our young men, in music, drama and debating. 

This morning, I realised a dream, when I opened, with our Director of Culture, Mr Dent, a parcel containing our first, custom made in school colours, kilt. Our Pipe Band will now be the smartest in the country, as well as the best. And, as we opened this precious package, I once again reflected on the joy of the world of HBHS, where so much is given, by so many. And that is something for which we must all feel grateful!

My very best wishes for the remainder of the term; enjoy the beauty of these amazing, perfect Winter days, and enjoy our ability to share them, together.


Susan Hassall