HBHS Headmaster's Message Thursday, 24 February 2022

Kia Ora

This afternoon the Government has confirmed that the country is moving to Stage 3 of the Red Light response to COVID setting.
In this setting, the definition of “close contact” has altered. Close contacts of positive COVID cases will now only include those who are members of the household of the case. 
For us as a school, this means that for the day school, we will no longer undertake contact tracing for any student who is a positive case. We will, however, continue to recognise our boarding house as a part of the requirements of household cases, as this is the definition established by the Ministry of Education.
Those students who have, over the past week, been identified as a close contact at school, excluding the hostel, are thus able to return to school immediately. 
The only students who will have to isolate will be those who have a member of their household who contracts COVID, making them a household close contact.
In the days ahead, we will continue to inform you if your son has been close to a positive case at interval or lunch, or at a sports training. I ask that if your son is identified in this way, that you monitor him closely for any symptoms, and keep him home and have him tested if he does become symptomatic. 
To enable us to move efficiently into this next stage, it will be very helpful if you include, when are notifying us that your son is a positive case, the following details:
1. The date he became symptomatic
2. The date he was tested.
3. The date you received the positive result of the test.
4. A list of his close friends who he sat with at interval and lunch in the last 48 hours he was at school.
The contact for informing us of his positive status remains the direct email: CovidResponse@hbhs.school.nz 
We will continue to manage the situation as carefully as is possible in these challenging days, and I appreciate all of the support you are providing. Thank you.
Ngaa mihi nui
Susan Hassall