HBHS Podiatry Service

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Hamilton Boys' High School would like to welcome our new Podiatrist Nadia Keogh to the Wellness Centre team.  Nadia comes with 20 years experience in sports biomechanics, minor surgery, diabetes and general podiatry.

The Podiatry service will be operating from the School Wellness Centre.  Appointments can be made by contacting Nadia directly on 0225703776.  Any issues with booking appointments please contact the Wellness Centre.

Services provided and related costs summary:

● ACC related injuries - fully funded by ACC
● Non-ACC or Private podiatry services charges do apply.

Parental/guardian consent is required prior to treatment proceeding. Treatments/consultations will be billed directly to the student’s family.

ACC services:

● Foot and ankle sprains
● Toe injuries 
● Toenail and ingrown toenails caused by injury 
● Wounds to the foot caused by injury 
● Foot and ankle strapping 
● Simple insoles and/or ankle or foot supports 
● Prescription (casted) orthotics (subject to the approval of ACC) 
● Hip, knee and heel injuries 
● Sever's disease - (Heel pain) Osteochondrosis of the heel, common in 10-14 yr olds) 
● Footwear advice and recommendations

Private services:

● Plantar Fasciitis 
● Foot, ankle and heel pain 
● Osteochondrosis non-acc related (result of overuse) 
● Corns and callus treatment 
● Verrucae 
● Tinea advise - some treatment options available 
● Biomechanical issues 
● Footwear advice

HBHS consultation fee $40.00

Insoles/orthotics Price TBC

Payment options include eftpos, cash and online banking