HBHS Refugee Community Goggle Drive

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Here at Hamilton Boys' High School we have a community of 34 students who are refugees from around the globe. All of them were born overseas, and all have experienced war, famine, natural disasters, terrorism, living in refugee camps and more. 

Many of these young men did not have the opportunity to learn to swim when they were younger, and it for this reason that a swimming initiative was set up in 2019. The ability to swim is an essential skill in any island nation, which is why each Tuesday our refugee students are assisted with building confidence in and around the water by a group of volunteer students and teachers.

To assist these students with their lessons, the swim group is seeking any sets of goggles that your son or yourself may have outgrown or not be in use of any longer. Goggles are an essential aspect of eye protection in our school’s chlorinated pool and will also help our students to build confidence in the water.  

Goggles can be donated to the refugee swim group by simply dropping them off at the front office of the school during intervals and lunchtimes.