HBHS Start of Year Reminders

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please see below some critical aspects of procedures at HBHS. We appreciate your support in ensuring that your son is as safe, and as settled as possible, as we begin the new school year.

  • Drop off and pick up: Boys are NOT to be dropped off or picked up from inside the school grounds. Please arrange a suitable meeting point to pick up your son after school, away from the school grounds. This is creating genuine issues for our boys' safety.
  • Bikes: Boys are to lock their bike INSIDE the bike enclosure. This is located between the Horticulture Room and the Carpentry Room (near the hockey turf). We have had bikes stolen that were locked outside the bike enclosure.
  • Sun safety: We strongly encourage your son to have a school bucket hat or school cap in this very hot weather. 
  • Uniform and grooming: All boys have been given strong messages about their grooming, in particular their hair length and tidiness. Please ensure your son is up to the required HBHS standard with his grooming. 
  • Road safety: Please discuss with your son his safety around the busy streets bordering our school. After school particularly, our school community is very hectic with cars and buses. Encourage your son to use crossings where possible.

Please see attached, our Off-Site Student Code of Conduct.