HBHS Wellness Centre update

Dear Parents/Caregivers
Over the colder months, dehydration is still presenting, however (along with the usual headaches and constipation type complaints) in slightly different ways.  We are dealing with boys that would otherwise be experiencing relatively minor sniffles and coughs, but because they are under-hydrated, are looking and feeling extremely fatigued and miserable.
Colds and flu can increase your fluid requirements because of insensible fluid loss (mouth breathing, increased sweating, etc), so you need even more fluid when you are sick compared to any other time.
The above said, on a positive note more boys are bringing drink bottles to school and monitoring their daily fluid intake.
Poor nutrition is also another ongoing issue, particularly compounded by some of the boys not able to manage their time very well in the morning and missing out breakfast altogether. 
The wearing of appropriate footwear particularly during PE seems to have increased, perhaps with colder, wetter weather making it seem like a better option, along with boys and parents making use of the podiatry service, a decrease in foot and ankle injuries appears to be trending at present.
A reminder that with cases of diarrhoea and vomiting the boys must stay away from school for 48 hours from the last episode (e.g. if they last vomited at 0600hrs on the 1st September, they would not be back at school until after 0600hrs on the 3rd September).
Key notes for the boys to focus on...
  • Even during the colder months continue to drink plenty of water: Your degree of feeling thirsty may change in winter, but your daily requirements do not. As suggested previously, the fluid requirements for the average teenager in a temperate environment varies greatly, however, the US Food and Nutrition Board recommended in 2004 that teenage boys 14 - 18 years of age drink 3.3 litres of water per day. 
  • Please do not come to school if you are unwell, especially during cold and flu season! A couple of days resting and hydrating can make all the difference to the severity of your illness and the length of your recovery.
  • If you are feeling particularly unwell, don't wait until Monday to see the school nurse, we will probably end up referring you to your GP anyway.

Thank you
HBHS Nurses