NCEA Fees - Ministry of Education & School Update

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Minister of Education has announced that families of secondary students will no longer have to pay fees to enter NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship.

This change will remove financial barriers and ensure all the credits received towards NCEA will be visible in a student’s Record of Achievement.

These changes also mean schools no longer need to collect fees from around 168,000 New Zealand domestic students, or students from the Cook Islands and Niue, who are entering for NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship.

Any fees already collected from these students for 2019 will be refunded by schools. NZQA will be in contact soon with those schools which have already remitted fees, and NZQA will be working to award credits and qualifications earned in previous years where fees were not paid. In the first instance, any NCEA fees already paid will be credited towards any outstanding fees on your son's account. If there are no fees outstanding the school will grant a full refund. The refund process will take a few weeks so please be patient. 

Additionally, as fees no longer apply to enter NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship, schools will not need to process applications for financial assistance to pay them.

The Minister has also announced a range of improvements to NCEA, and that the Government will fund the continued roll out of the NCEA Online programme.

More information about NCEA Online can be found here.

Further information about the NCEA Review can be found on the NCEA Review website.