Robert Pereira Seminar

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Last year, Robert Pereira from Australia, conducted a seminar for Parents for Hamilton Boys' High School on the topic of Internet Addiction Disorder and the effects of prolonged Gaming on boys. 

Robert is returning to Hamilton Boys' High School to work with our Year 9 students on 'Bully-prevention.' 

Robert will also be running a seminar for parents on Wendesday, 4th March, 6.45pm (for a 7.00pm start) until 9.15pm, in the School Hall.  $10 per person at the door.

Hamilton Boys' High School has asked him to address the concerns of parents on the issues pertaining to Pornography.  'Doing Nothing/Saying Nothing' about these issues perpetuates a growing problem; being 'heavy-handed' drives these behaviours further underground.

This seminar will endeavor to show the impact of excessive, compulsive, pornography-viewing on the psyche of boys and how this impact can have long-term effects.  Girl-usage of the internet in this sexual realm is equally serious, and some current practices by girls will be discussed.  Robert will endeavor to show how parents might discuss such issues with their children and teens.

Resources for Optional Purchase:
Why Just Why is MY Child being bullied - $10.00
Self-Doubt is at the Heart of Being Human - $10.00 (covers Internet Addiction)
I Want the Very Best for My child - $10.00 (a reflection on High Parental Expectation and its effect)