Share with care on Claudelands Bridge

A big THANK YOU from Hamilton City Council for your patience over the last couple of months while work has been underway to change the layout of Claudelands Road, ultimately to make it safer for people on bikes to connect with the centre of the city.

Here are some tips for using the new-look Claudelands Bridge:

  • Please give way to people on bikes when they need to merge with the traffic;
  • Remember the speed limit is now 30km/hr;
  • Look out for new road markings called sharrows (sharing arrows) – they tell bikes to claim the lane and ride in the flow of traffic (not on the shoulder);
  • When travelling behind people on bikes, maintain a safe following distance and don’t try to overtake them; and
  • Share with care – we’re all in this together and staying safe is priority #1.  

 Check out the short video we’ve made about the changes here.

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