Year 9 Option Changes

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Your son is in the last week of his second set of option subjects. He will begin his third set of option subjects on Monday 1st July.

The new set of options have been posted on the B Block notice board at School, so boys can get prepared for their upcoming classes.

To ensure the boys are ready to get straight into their two new option classes on Monday, please assist them in organising the correct stationery/equipment.

All students taking part in Technology Metal, Technology Wood and Food Technology need to bring covered in footwear.

All subjects except the following, require a 1B5 book. Specialist stationery is as follows:-

- 1 x 2B pencil = $0.80
- 1 x Staedtler Triplus Fine black pen = $2.00
- 1 x A3 clearfile 30 pocket = $12.60

- 1 x Graphics Kit (available at School shop only) = $30.00

- 1 x 1B8 = $0.60

Thank you
Caitlin Brown
Junior Curriculum Co-ordinator