Argyle House

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Accommodation Facilities

The two-storey hostel has a range of excellent accommodation facilities which include three-bed cubicles and modern twin rooms for junior students to motelstyle units and single rooms for senior students. The accommodation is of a very high standard. Each room has its own study facilities. Juniors (Year 9 and 10) have a spacious lounge, a large TV room with Sky and DVD facilities, and a games room for pool and table tennis. Juniors also have a ‘prep’ room where they can complete their homework or study, a seminar room for tutorials and access to computers networked to school. Seniors (Year 11 and 12) have their own separate lounge with Sky TV and other facilities, a relaxation area and telephone, laundry and kitchen facilities. All seniors have facilities to complete their ‘prep’ in their units. Seniors (Year 13) are accommodated in Grove House which provides individual living spaces and greater independence to Yr 13 students.

Student Care

The daily life of the boarder is under the direct personal supervision of the Head of Boarding, Masters, Assistant Masters and two Matrons, all of whom reside in the Hostel. The Matrons take care of any medical needs which the boys have. A qualified Catering Manager and staff provide all meals to ensure the boys’ nutritional needs are met.


Evening studies and prep are an important part of life at Argyle House. They are supervised by three masters each night during the week; masters provide help to the boys where they need it to complete their homework or study. Year 9 and 10 students study in the Prep Room, Year 11 & 12 students in the Dining Room, while Year 13 students work in their own rooms. The hostel has wifi access and computers available for prep.

Team Building

Argyle House is one of the six Houses of Hamilton Boys’ High School. House competition at the school is strong and generates tremendous pride and team spirit amongst the boys and in the hostel. Argyle House also has its own in-House competition for the Matthew Allen Memorial Cup. 

School Clubs And Activities

A vast range of opportunities are available to boarders to join in sports, clubs and activities available both within and outside school. The hostel has its own mini-van to transport boys to venues to attend music lessons, sports training and numerous other activities. At school the boys can participate in any of more than twenty cultural activities and forty different sporting codes. Enquires about boarding accommodation must be sent to the Director of International Students. If a place in the boarding house is offered to an International student, the Argyle Application Form and confidential Medical Form must be completed and returned to the Director of International Students, in addition to the Hamilton Boys’ High School Application Form for International Students.

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For enquiries about boarding matters please contact:

Mr Murray McKenzie Head of Boarding Tel: (07) 853 0435 / 021 516 477 Email:
Mrs Katrina McLaughlin Hostel Administrator (weekdays 9.30am - 3.00pm) Tel: (07) 853 0437 Email: