Hamilton Boys' High School Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was established in 2008 to recognize the success of outstanding former students who have made a contribution to New Zealand or on the International stage.

In researching potential candidates we are constantly amazed by our Old Boys' successes in all areas and their stellar careers. It is encouraging to note that many Hall of Fame recipients reflect on their time at HBHS and the values they had instilled in them here as being at the foundation of their success.

Each year we celebrate another group of recipients at an assembly with our current students giving them the opportunity to aspire to greatness as those who have gone before them.

Due to Covid disruptions there have been no Hall of Fame events in 2020 or 2021, we look forward to bringing you the 2022 event in style.


Nominate a HBHS Old Boy for a future Hall of Fame click here


Hall of Fame Recipients


Bill Foreman

Ray Richards

Wendell Phillips


Donald Riley

Frederick Jones

John Clough

David Braithwaite


Bill Falconer

Graham Wilshier

Hon John Luxton

Mike Pohio

Jack (Dufty) Wilson

Leon Narbey

Warren Gatland


Warren Cole

Lindsay Wilson

Graeme Rogerson

Graham Lintott

Ron Wiberg

Graeme Searle

Michael Salmon


Alistair Bisley

James Gray

Stephen De Pledge

Ross Boswell

John Bollard

David Hoskin


Ivan Pavlovich

Lannes Johnson

Wallace Bain

Arama Kukutai

Rob Flannagan

Dr Matthew During


Professor John Butcher

Colin Carruthers QC

Ian McCrae


Emeritus Professor John Hawk - Medicine

Emeritus Professor John Boys - Engineering

Dick Quax - Sport and Service

Professor Julian Jack - Medicine


Craig Baird

Professor Ronald Prinn


Greg Heffernan - Culinary

Scott McLeod - Sport

Luit Bieringa - Arts


Daryl Halligan - International Rugby League

Professor Mike Bevan - Plant Genetics

Chris Thompson - World renowned Musician and performing artist