Academic Programmes

  • NCEA qualifications Levels 1-3
  • NCEA Scholarship Examinations
  • Cambridge Examination - IGCSE and AS

In addition to the core academic programmes, Hamilton Boys’ High School offers a range of specialised support programmes for our International students to ensure that they have every opportunity to go on to tertiary study and meet their future career plans:

  • ELL (English Language Learning) classes taught at all levels by qualified and experienced teachers. Students in these classes study towards NCEA and IELTS qualifications
  • Foundation English classes at the junior and senior level for beginner speakers of English
  • Dedicated Year 11 ELL Level 1 Science class
  • Free extra tuition for core subjects

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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Hamilton Boys’ High School is a highly regarded programme. Teachers and professional guides are confident and experienced in the outdoors and ensure the utmost safety of all participants involved. It is an optional subject in Years 11, 12 and 13 and is very popular among students. The programme is made up of a mixture of practical and theory lessons, designed to best benefit the development of the students.

In Year 11 students are introduced to a range of units and new skills. Sound skill development is promoted in kayaking, rock climbing, bushcraft, caving, high and low ropes and much more. Students are given an introduction to the massive worldwide tourism industry and many develop a strong passion for the subject at this level.

At Year 12 skills are developed further and students are here introduced to other vital Outdoor skills like risk management and first aid. Students build on their ability in kayaking and bushcraft and are also introduced to skiing/snowboarding, rafting, diving and mountain biking to name a few.

By Year 13 students have a sound skill base and start to develop more independence around the outdoors, taking more responsibility in trip planning as well as leading younger students in Adventure Based Learning activities. Students partake in a 3 day field trip to the Poor Knights Island, one of the top 10 dive sites of the world, and have their skills and abilities tested on a three day survival field trip on an isolated beach in the Coromandel.

Throughout the three Year levels students gain knowledge skills and experiences they treasure for the rest of their lives. For many it is the introduction to a passion for the outdoors that lasts a life time. 

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