2019 Junior Prize Giving

On Thursday the 5th of December we celebrated our Junior Prize Giving.  Congratulations to all of our prize-winners and to our Junior Dux Michael Lin.

Wairua Martin 3rd in 933
Hunter Boros 2nd in 933
Sean Witters 1st in 933
Rangiwai Lunjevich 3rd in 932
Raharuhi Palmer  2nd in 932
Cory Hartgill  1st in 932
Elijah Singleton 3rd in 931
Logan Ferguson 2nd in 931
Rishevdeep Singh-Dhaliwai 1st in 931
Marco Estacio Arroyo  3rd in 929
Junhyeok Kang 2nd in 929
Qingran Zhao 1st in 929
Hemi Neale 2nd= in 928
Parsa Soltanizand 2nd= in 928
Billy Finnie 1st in 928
Hamiora Riki-Pahewa 3rd in 927
Jakin Warnock 2nd in 927
Joakim White 1st in 927
Niko Tuialii 3rd in 926
Elias Lepou 2nd in 926
Te Ariki Wereta 1st in 926
Cooper Hansen 3rd in 925
Oliver Ward 2nd in 925
Jack McGregor 1st in 925
Jack West 3rd in 924
Quinn Norton 2nd in 924
Bradley Rowell 1st in 924
Alexander Speirs 3rd in 923
Edan McChesney 2nd in 923
Benjamin Shute 1st in 923
Enzo Degueldre 3rd in 922
Benjamin Johnson 2nd in 922
Devesh Kumar 1st in 922
Edwin Benny 3rd in 921
Lukmaan Mohammed 2nd in 921
Boyuan Guo 1st in 921
Jamie Vette 3rd in 915
Lakshvir Sidhu 2nd in 915
Kyle Barker 1st in 915
Aaron Hemi 3rd in 914
Angus Henry 2nd in 914
Benjamin Hayward 1st in 914
Charlie Moon 3rd in 913
Fuyi Li 2nd in 913
Chris He 1st in 913
Cam Sundararaj 3rd in 912
Raihan Aizam 2nd in 912
Hamish McKelvie First in English
Alexander Mayo First in Mathematics
Alex Liu First in Science
Thomas Ter Beek First in Social Studies
Jamie Brewer 3rd in 1033
Epalahame Hala 2nd in 1033
Marcus Rangitaawa 1st in 1033
Brook Witehira 3rd in 1032
Boston Veza  2nd in 1032
Will Best 1st in 1032
Fe'Ofa'Aki Tupou 3rd in 1031
Jacob Parry 2nd in 1031
Kallum Mardon 1st in 1031
Yanni Emerson-Rae 3rd in 1029
Christopher John Kaua 2nd in 1029
Oliver Ingram  1st in 1029
Bryce De Jong 3rd in 1028
Austin Furniss 2nd in 1028
Bhavik Khatri 1st in 1028
Shoaib Chaudhry 3rd in 1027
Uday Kiran Buddha 2nd in 1027
Siddharth Ashok Kumar 1st in 1027
Robert Prescott 3rd in 1026
Kydian Beets 2nd in 1026
Legion Rogerson 1st in 1026
Aiden Davies 3rd in 1025
Stefan Smart 2nd in 1025
Munikesh Krishna Naidu 1st in 1025
Leo Scott 3rd in 1024
Jayesh Goundar 2nd in 1024
Keegan Calkin 1st in 1024
Aidan Bray 3rd in 1023
Sopharachwathanakh Hong 2nd in 1023
Savinu Mathusinghe 1st in 1023
Keanu Goodhall 3rd in 1022
Robin Kos 2nd in 1022
Aryan Sharma 1st in 1022
Conor Penberthy 3rd in 1021
Christopher Seel 2nd in 1021
Anuraag Patel 1st in 1021
Vishaan Bhardwaj 3rd in 1016
Rupert Nielsen 2nd in 1016
Nik Ilyas Nik Ahmad Mazani 1st in 1016
Kenai Dain 3rd in 1015
Arjun Vijayanand 2nd in 1015
Kawana Snow 1st in 1015
Kyle Brown 3rd in 1014
Liam Townsend 2nd in 1014
Ernest Divina 1st in 1014
Andy Song 3rd in 1013
Aidan Webster 2nd in 1013
Mitchell Keightley 1st in 1013
Joshua Syme 3rd in 1012
Luke Haddon  2nd in 1012
Jack Broomfield 1st in 1012
Michael Lin First in NCEA Accounting
Joshua Syme First in Adventure-Based Learning
Rav Rebolledo  First in Art
Michael Lin First in Chinese
Matthew Lynch First in Drama
Levi Pruden First in NCEA Economics
Evan Jovaras First in Electronics
Angel Medina Cubillos First in Elite Sport
Levi Pruden First in NCEA English
Shishanth Prakash First in English Language Learning
Caleb Mathew First in Enterprise
Stefan Smart First in Film and Television
Hamish Kerr First in Food Technology
Jack Broomfield First in German
Rupert Nielsen First in Graphics and Design
Levi Pruden First in History / Geography
Aiden Davies First in Horticulture
Nathanael Loy First in Information Technology
Aslan Harrison First in Music
Nathan Ludlow First in NCEA Mathematics
Michael Lin First in NCEA Science
Ryan Hall First in NCEA Social Studies
Cooper Wink First in Spanish
Kawana Snow First in Te Reo Māori
Rupert Nielsen First in Technology Metal
Zuhaib Ali First in Technology Wood

Special Prizes:

 The Junior Public Speaking Award to Mitchell Keightley

The Junior Creative Writing Award to Ryan Hall

The Junior Sportsman of the Year to Mathijs Wetzels

The Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy for Greatest Enthusiasm in Year 9 to Divyne Shadrock

The Headmaster’s Award for Citizenship for Outstanding Civic Responsibility in Year 9 to Devesh Kumar

The Eben Wilson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Year 9 to Cam Sundararaj

The McHaffie Cup for Outstanding Leadership in Year 10 to Cayden Buitendach

The H D Tait Memorial Prize for Outstanding Character and Ability in Year 10 to Ruaridh Martynoga

The Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize for All-round Excellence and Potential in Year 10 to Michael Lin

Top in Year 9:

Alexander Mayo Fifth in Year 9
Hamish McKelvie Fourth in Year 9
Alex King Third in Year 9
Samuel Priest Second in Year 9
Alex Liu First in Year 9


Top in Year 10:

Jacob Porter Fifth in Year 10
Nathanael Loy Fourth in Year 10
Ashan Barr Third in Year 10
Levi Pruden Second in Year 10
Michael Lin Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux