2021 Junior Prize Giving

It's the final event of the year, and like so many of our recent prize givings, it looked a little different as we live-streamed it all around the world on our school Facebook page.  It was our morning for celebrating our junior students and their academic achievements in 2021.  Congratulations to all of our prize-winners, and a special congratulations to the Junior Dux of 2021, Weiyi Jiang.

Photography by Ms Jamieson Hudson

Year 9 Band Prizes:

Third in Year 9 Silver to Zachary Goldsworthy

Second in Year 9 Silver to Jac Williamson

First in Year 9 Silver to Sosiua Mau


Third in Year 9 Crimson to Qasim Muhammad Hussain

Second in Year 9 Crimson to Elyas Niazi

First in Year 9 Crimson to Rhys Anderson


Third in Year 9 Gold to Dylan Cassells

Second in Year 9 Gold to Mahdi Ameni

First in Year 9 Gold to Ryan Dhankhar


Third in Year 9 Jade to Cole Schmidt

Second in Year 9 Jade to Huritetaha Barlow

First in Year 9 Jade to Samuela Tuwere


Third in Year 9 Black to Liam West

Second in Year 9 Black to Marcel Hishon

First in Year 9 Black to Hadley Bryant


Third in Year 9 Bronze to Charlie Hawke

Second in Year 9 Bronze to Aaron Wan

First in Year 9 Bronze to Rehan Wijendra Gamlathlage


Third in Year 9 Copper to Scout Raffan

Second in Year 9 Copper to Joshua Wasley

First in Year 9 Copper to Aengus Moore


Third equal in Year 9 Green to Mateo Miller-Ble

Third equal in Year 9 Green to Ryan Ralph

Second in Year 9 Green to Jordan Harris

First in Year 9 Green to Manav Desai


Third in Year 9 Navy to Samuel Barnett

Second in Year 9 Navy to Jan Oback

First in Year 9 Navy to Riley Turner


Third in Year 9 Orange to Dev Vansia

Second in Year 9 Orange to Asher McMillan

First in Year 9 Orange to Yahya Aly


Third in Year 9 Red to Nikau Kottaiya

Second in Year 9 Red to Harrison Smith

First in Year 9 Red to Jack Higgins


Third in Year 9 Scarlet to Alexander Lord

Second in Year 9 Scarlet to Jan Kirby Lacson

First in Year 9 Scarlet to Dylan Ericksen


Third in Year 9 White to Gavin Croos

Second in Year 9 White to Zachary Dangawen

First in Year 9 White to Rohan Praveen


Third in Year 9 Amber to Samuel Gunn

Second in Year 9 Amber to Finn Cookson

First in Year 9 Amber to Navdeep Sidhu


Third in Year 9 Maroon to Ben Lander

Second in Year 9 Maroon to Aarav Bhatnagar

First in Year 9 Maroon to Jonathan Crowther


Third in Year 9 Blue to Thomas Priest

Second in Year 9 Blue to Mahit Shukla

First in Year 9 Blue to Michael Crowther

Year 9 Subject Prizes:

First in Year 9 English to Conor McCormack

First in Year 9 Mathematics to Conor McCormack

First in Year 9 Science to Nikash Lanka

First in Year 9 Social Studies to Nikash Lanka


Year 10 Band Prizes:

Third in Year 10 Green to Anusheel Raj

Second in Year 10 Green to Kushal Gaire

First in Year 10 Green to Daniel Garland


Third in Year 10 Bronze to Koroki Waikai

Second in Year 10 Bronze to Sarmad Naseem

First in Year 10 Bronze to Inuka Muthugalage


Third in Year 10 Orange to Lukin Burrows-Stewart

Second in Year 10 Orange to Aniket Sharma

First in Year 10 Orange to Andy Nguyen


Third in Year 10 Gold to Maiaorere Harmon

Second in Year 10 Gold to Cooper Teece

First in Year 10 Gold to Mitchell Swann


Third in Year 10 Black to Jay Wilson

Second in Year 10 Black to Josh Waller

First in Year 10 Black to Fateen Syed


Third in Year 10 Blue to Labeeb Ahmad

Second in Year 10 Blue to Varghese Jayan

First in Year 10 Blue to Lloyd Nguyen


Third in Year 10 Copper to Lukus Barlow

Second in Year 10 Copper to Tom Cooley

First in Year 10 Copper to Tom Wynne


 Third in Year 10 Grey to Jake White

 Second in Year 10 Grey to Aditya Dubey

 First in Year 10 Grey to Jonty MacKintosh


Third in Year 10 Jade to Joe Jiang

First equal in Year 10 Jade to Nigel Lal

First equal in Year 10 Jade to Thomas Sulzberger


Third in Year 10 Magenta to Dylan Klee

Second in Year 10 Magenta to Finn Cosford

First in Year 10 Magenta to Paalav Naicker


Third in Year 10 Maroon to Taylor Leaning

Second in Year 10 Maroon to Kesarindra Weeraman

First in Year 10 Maroon to Muhammad Thwaha


Third in Year 10 Red to Caleb Morgan

Second in Year 10 Red to Astyn Te Whare

First in Year 10 Red to Samuel Lawn


Third in Year 10 Silver to Logan Jenkins

Second in Year 10 Silver to Ian Preston

First in Year 10 Silver to Fynley Berkers


Third in Year 10 White to Samuel Gordon 

Second in Year 10 White to Loneet Velaidan

First in Year 10 White to Shohzad Dhillon


Third in Year 10 Crimson to Rahim Nabizada

Second in Year 10 Crimson to Hendrik Roux

First in Year 10 Crimson to Janadhee Balasooriya


Third equal in Year 10 Navy to Malakhai Fauchereau

Third equal in Year 10 Navy to Harry O'Rourke

Second in Year 10 Navy to Oliver Swney

First in Year 10 Navy to Samuel Keightley


Third in Year 10 Amber to Muhammad Hassan Naveed

First equal in Year 10 Amber to Andrew Kang

First in Year 10 Amber to Ishaan Singh


Year 10 Subject Prizes:

First in NCEA Accounting to Jacob Binu Olakkattu

First in Adventure Based Learning to Jack Paterson

First in Art to Jack Graham

First in Business Enterprise to Luke Tan

First in Chinese to Rupert Leary

First in Drama to Callum Matthew

First in NCEA Economics to Daniel Loy

First in Electronics to Matthew Yang

First in Elite Sport to Tom Martin

First in NCEA English to Rohit Gulla

First in English Language Learning to Honghao Li 

First in Film and Television to Mitchell Geddes

First in Food Technology to Yuteng Huang

First in German to Archie Fennell

First in Graphics and Design to Dian Jacobs  

First in History / Geography to Adithya Bandaru

First in Horticulture to Ryan Metcalfe

First in Information Technology to Weiyi Jiang  

First in Music to Justin Yang

First in NCEA Mathematics to Luke Tan  

First in Science to Daniel Loy

First in NCEA Social Studies to Rohit Gulla

First in Spanish to Mitchell Moore

First in Te Reo Māori to Kaelan Haggie

First in Technology Metal to Sean Brinkworth

First in Technology Wood to Grady Bruce


Special Prizes:

The Junior Public Speaking Award to Liam Weston

Junior Sportsman of the Year to Isaac Bates

The Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy for Greatest Enthusiasm in Year 9 to Matthew Moloney

The Headmaster’s Award for Citizenship for Outstanding Civic Responsibility in Year 9 to Thomas Priest

The Eben Wilson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Year 9 to Nikash Lanka

The Exscite Trust Award for the Student who shows the Most Potential in Science to Daniel Loy

The McHaffie Cup for Outstanding Leadership in Year 10 to Jack Graham

The H D Tait Memorial Prize for Outstanding Character and Ability in Year 10 to Liam Weston

The Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize for All-Round Excellence and Potential in Year 10 to Ishaan Singh

Year 9 Premier Academic Awards:

Fifth in Year 9 to Connor Downey-Parish

Fourth in Year 9 to Xinliang He

Third in Year 9 to Aarya Vivekanandan

Second in Year 9 to Conor McCormack

First in Year 9 to Nikash Lanka

Year 10 Premier Academic Awards:

Fifth Equal in Year 10 to Luke Tan

Fifth Equal in Year 10 to Kinnon Broekhuizen

Fourth in Year 10 to Justin Yang

Third in Year 10 to Rohit Gulla

Second in Year 10 to Daniel Loy

The Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux for 2020 to Weiyi Jiang