Hamilton Boys' High School Golf Championships

Eleven golfers braved the heat and took part in the school golf championships on Thursday the 10th February at the Ngaruawahia Golf Course. Unfortunately, Jakob Bird (Year 13), the school senior champion from 2021, was unavailable as he was taking part in the Super Six competition in Wellington. The majority of the Elite Golf Squad returned to school this year and were fighting to gain positions in the Super 8 team which travel to Rotorua later this month. Michael claimed first place but unfortunately isn't available to play in the top team as he is new to the school, so he will captain Team 2. Jakob Bird will be joined by Ricci Putohe (Year 11, shot 75), Chris Seel (Year 13, shot 76) and Isaac Steel (Year 10, shot 78) to contest for the Super 8 Shield. Michael Ellis (Year 13, shot 72) will lead Team 2 with Thomas Ter Beek (Year 12, shot 78), Seiga Ikemura (Year 13, shot 79) and Cole Tosland (Year 12, shot 81) to win Division Two. This is the strongest HBHS Golf squad I have seen for some time, and as Teacher in charge of Golf, I am very excited for all the competitions coming up this year.