HBHS Chess team get back into action

IMG 6526On Monday, our Chess players got their first opportunity to play in an over-the-board tournament since before lockdown. HBHS entered 10 students in the Regional Chess Power Championship played in Te Kuiti. Our boys did very well finishing in the top 10 places in the 40 player event.  Particular congratulations to Daniel Loy, Michael Lin, Nathanael Loy, Udula Bandara and Lasen Silva who all scored 100%. Daniel was declared the tournament winner, based on a tie-break system.



HBHS Participants:

Back (from left to right): Daniel Loy, Lasen Silva, Nathanael Loy, and Udula Bandara

Middle (from left to right): Ishaan Singh, Cameron Edsall, Zane Brown, Jovan Xin, and Andy Song

Front (from left to right): Michael Lin


Medal Winners:

Lasen Silva, Michael Lin, Daniel Loy, Nathanael Loy, and Udula Bandara