HBHS Chess Team Power into National Tournament

72 High School students from 10 schools participated in the seven round Swiss event. Our 23 were comprised of a small group of experienced players and a much larger group with little experience, many of whom were experiencing a Chess Tournament for the first time.

Owing to the size of our contingent, the organisers divided our players into an A (the highest rated 13) and B team.  This meant that players from our B team could be drawn to play members of our A team.  In this form of tournament, participants generally do not play against players from the same school.  Whilst players compete as individuals, the sum of the top 4 scores from each team determines the team’s placing.

The event was a great success for HBHS.  All 23 of our players did well, with everyone scoring a commendable 3 points or above, despite many of our B team having to play against the strong players in our A team.

The individual event was won by Nathanael Loy, on tiebreak from Max Stephens, both of whom finished on 100%.  Finishing joint third were Daniel Loy and Michael Lin who both finished on 6½ points, giving HBHS A a total of 27 points.

Positions 5 - 14 were also filled by HBHS players, with the exception of a solitary Fairfield College player who finished 9th.

Our B team, finished in an outstanding second place on 17 points.  Their top 4 players were Khan Li Henry (5 points), Muhammad Mohamad Hanafiah, Kesarindra Kalhara Weeraman and Conor McCormack (who all finished on 4 points).

Congratulations to all our players on their excellent results.