House Cross Country 2022

Mr Ellis and his team organised some glorious late-autumn weather for the HBHS House Cross Country event on Wednesday the 11th of May, and Year 9, 10 and 11 classes, along with our championship runners, headed out to enjoy the sunshine whilst getting in their steps for the day.  Congratulations to our Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Champions, and to Argyle House on taking out this event, a mere 33 points ahead of Wilson House.  Wilson still leads the overall competition after five events, but the gap is steadily narrowing, and it is getting very tight further down the ladder.  There is still much to play for, with House Volleyball starting this week, and Tug-O-War, General Knowledge, and Basketball to come this term.

Junior Championship:

 Ethan Hyatt (Argyle) 11.44 minutes

 Liam Harrison (Argyle)

 Eben Smith (Baigent)

Intermediate Championship:

 Zachary Brownlee (Steel) 16.55 minutes

 Fletcher Adams (Tait) 

 Lachlan Ross (Tait)

Senior Championship:

 Joseph Morgan (Taylor) 22.15 minutes

 Liam Davis (Wilson)

 Mathijs Wetzels (Taylor)

Cross Country House Championship:

House Competition Overall Standings (after 5 events):