House Singing and Haka Competition

DSC0027With two major House Competition events and a possible 24 points on offer, the 2020 House Competition was all on in Gym 1 on Wednesday afternoon.  The big mover was Steel House, with a first in singing and a second in the Haka, which pushed them into second place, a scant half-point ahead of Argyle House in third.  Wilson House did enough, with two third places, to maintain a handy ten point lead with two minor events yet to go.  Steel and Argyle are still in with a mathematical chance, but it would require a catastrophic performance by wilson for there to be a change at the top.  Congratulations to all of the Houses on their efforts, and to Steel House on winning the singing and Argyle House on winning the Haka competition.

House Singing:

  House: Points:
1st Steel 12
2nd Tait 10
3rd Wilson 8
4th Baigent 6
5th Taylor 4
6th Argyle 2

House Haka:

  House: Points:
1st Argyle 12
2nd Steel 10
3rd Wilson 8
4th Taylor 6
5th Tait 4
6th Baigent 2

Overall House Competition (after 11 events):

  House: Points:
1st Wilson 62
2nd Steel 52½
3rd Argyle 52
4th Taylor 44
5th Tait 43½
6th Baigent 42