Junior Prize Giving 2020

The school year came to a close today with our Junior Prize Giving.  Congratulations to all of our prize winners, and a special congratulations to our Junior Dux, Alex Liu.


3rd in 9 Cobalt to Ethan Wanless

2nd in 9 Cobalt to Kayde Jones

1st in 9 Cobalt to Jonathan Reed


3rd in 9 Scarlet to Cole Sammons

2nd in 9 Scarlet to Jaxon Wells

1st in 9 Scarlet to Alex Devitt


3rd in 9 Silver to Sarmad Naseem

2nd in 9 Silver to Carter Smith

1st in 9 Silver to Anh Nguyen


3rd in 9 Platinum to Brayden Bates

2nd in 9 Platinum to George Roose

1st in 9 Platinum to Reeshab Thapliyal


3rd in 9 Red to Christopher Weal

2nd in 9 Red to Ashal Jose

1st in 9 Red to Jacob Holwill


3rd in 9 Gold to Grady Bruce

1st = in 9 Gold to Benedict Kadiya

1st = in 9 Gold to Daniel Ormsby


3rd in 9 Grey to Joel Pervan

2nd in 9 Grey to Tom Cooley

1st in 9 Grey to Thomas Hancock


3rd in 9 Maroon to Henry Seavill

2nd in 9 Maroon to Loneet Velaidan

1st in 9 Maroon to Samuel Lawn


3rd in 9 Navy to Orion Overton

2nd in 9 Navy to Joshua Waller

1st in 9 Navy to Shohzad Dhillon


3rd in 9 Nickel to Ethan Clothier

1st = in 9 Nickel to Matthew Emett

1st = in 9 Nickel to Caleb Morgan


3rd in 9 Orange to Harrison McMullen

2nd in 9 Orange to Deacan Brill

1st in 9 Orange to Dian Jacobs


3rd in 9 White to Kesarindra Weeraman

2nd in 9 White to Mitchell Moore

1st in 9 White to Daniel Hoskins


3rd in 9 Green to Janadhee Balasooriya

2nd in 9 Green to Matthew Niwa

1st in 9 Green to Oliver Swney


3rd in 9 Copper to Liam Clay

2nd in 9 Copper to Matthew Nicol

1st in 9 Copper to Malakhai Fauchereau


3rd in 9 Jade to Ryan McCracken

2nd in 9 Jade to Amish Kumar

1st in 9 Jade to Muhammad Hassan Naveed


3rd in 9 Bronze to Jarren Xin

2nd in 9 Bronze to Jiaxuan Lang

1st in 9 Bronze to Luke Tan



First in Year 9 English to Rohit Gulla

First in Year 9 Mathematics to Justin Yang

First in Year 9 Science to Rupert Leary

First in Year 9 Social Studies to Jack Graham



3rd in 1033 to Flynn Pierce

2nd in 1033 to Finlay Wheeler

1st in 1033 to Sailosi Havea


3rd in 1032 to John Iglesia

2nd in 1032 to Saheel Kumar

1st in 1032 to Theo Richards


3rd in 1031 to Raharuhi Palmer

2nd in 1031 to Kyle van Zyl

1st in 1031 to Sean Witters


3rd in 1029 to John Kalapurayil Mathew

2nd in 1029 to Rishevdeep Singh-Dhaliwal

1st in 1029 to Rahul Nair


3rd in 1028 to Josh Workman

2nd in 1028 to Jack Argent

1st in 1028 to Kyan Trebes


3rd in 1027 to Israel O’Neill

2nd in 1027 to Bryn Carter

1st in 1027 to Junhyeok Kang


3rd in 1026 to Aram Qadami

2nd in 1026 to Brenner Ley

1st in 1026 to Lakindu Balasooriya


3rd = in 1025 to Joshua Baker

3rd = in 1025 to Keshav Dutt

2nd in 1025 to Riley Fulton

1st in 1025 to Daniel Stott


3rd in 1024 to Joseph Kim

2nd in 1024 to Sunwoo Chang

1st in 1024 to Manaseh Esop


3rd in 1023 to Keelan Gannon

2nd in 1023 to Parsa Soltanizand

1st in 1023 to Jackson Wallace


3rd in 1022 to Oliver Ward

2nd in 1022 to Eshan Azim

1st in 1022 to Christopher Watson


3rd in 1021 to Thinuka Sirisoma

2nd in 1021 to Jonathan Siddapur

1st in 1021 to Joshua Munro


3rd in 1016 to Edan McChesney

2nd in 1016 to Caleb Mujiono

1st in 1016 to Devesh Kumar


3rd in 1015 to Edwin Benny

2nd in 1015 to Tsz Kin So

1st in 1015 to Aly Mahmoud


3rd in 1014 to Hyun-Jun Yoo

2nd in 1014 to Youyang Fu

1st in 1014 to Dulina Haegoda


3rd in 1013 to Kyle Barker

2nd in 1013 to Connor Petrie

1st in 1013 to Lakshvir Sidhu


3rd in 1012 to Thomas Burt

2nd in 1012 to Raihan Aizam

1st in 1012 to Cam Sundararaj



First in NCEA Accounting to Dulina Haegoda

First in Adventure-Based-Learning to Ben Parker

First in Art to Noah Bremner

First in Chinese to Benjamin Douglas

First in Drama to Wyatt Winke

First in NCEA Economics to Thomas Ter Beek

First in Electronics to Alexander Trotter

First in Elite Sport to Noah Clewlow

First in NCEA English to Alex Liu

First in English Language Learning to Junhyeok Kang

First in Business Studies to Daniel Dizon

First in Film and Television to Mathesh Kishore

First in Food Technology to Wyatt Winke

First in German to Harrison Peaker

First in Graphics and Design to Noah Bremner

First in History / Geography to Charlie Jackson

First in Information Technology to Hithen Raaj

First in Music to Muboyu Jia

First in NCEA Mathematics to Alexander Mayo

First in NCEA Science to Alex Liu

First in NCEA Social Studies to Hamish McKelvie

First in NCEA Spanish to Hamish McKelvie

First in Te Reo Māori to Divyne Shadrock

First in Technology Metal to Benjamin Shute

First in Technology Wood to Jack Fitzgerald



The Michael Morrison-Ruru Trophy for Greatest Enthusiasm in Year 9 to Liam Weston

The Headmaster’s Award for Citizenship for Outstanding Civic Responsibility in Year 9 to Ishaan Singh

The Eben Wilson Memorial Award for Citizenship for Excellence in Year 9 to Jack Graham

The McHaffie Cup for Outstanding Leadership in Year 10 to Rangiwai Lunjevich

The H D Tait Memorial Prize for Outstanding Character and Ability in Year 10 to Thomas Ter Beek

The Emilie and Michael Gudex Prize for All-round Excellence and Potential in Year 10 to Samuel Priest



Fifth in Year 9 to Allen Yuan

Fourth in Year 9 to Luke Tan

Third in Year 9 to Daniel Loy

Second in Year 9 to Justin Yang

First in Year 9 to Rupert Leary



Third Equal in Year 10 to Hamish McKelvie

Third Equal in Year 10 to Alexander Mayo

Second in Year 10 to Thomas Ter Beek

Susan Hassall Cup and Junior Dux to Alex Liu