Message from the Headmaster, Friday 20 August 2021

The news that we will be continuing at Alert Level 4 for another four days, placing us on the same time frame as Auckland, is disappointing yet also reassuring. We are of course disappointed that we are not able to return to school on Monday. But we also recognise the importance of a very conservative approach to the Delta COVID variant, as we work together to ensure our safety as a school community, and ultimately, as a country.
I hope that the past three days have been as positive for you as possible, and that your son has begun to settle into the routine of continued engagement with his learning. This routine has become even more critical as the lockdown period is extended. 
At Zoom meetings over the past three days, staff have consistently praised the large majority of our young men, for their willingness to adapt to online learning, and for their positive engagement in their Google classrooms. Thus I offer our sincere thanks to you all for your support of your sons.
Sadly, for some of our students, the transition has not been as easy, and there has been no contact or engagement. As lockdown is extended, and as we recognise the possibility of it continuing, it is so important that all students make a connection with teachers. Thus, on Monday, each of your son's teachers will ask him to connect through his Google classroom, by completing a simple task. If he is unable, or unwilling to do so, contact will be made by email, to you and to him. 
I ask that you support us, in ensuring that a connection is made on Monday or Tuesday, to each of your son's teachers. We hope that we are able to return to school before too long. However, we must be prepared for a longer absence, and we need your support to ensure we are able to connect with all of our students, in a regular way.
Next week, staff will begin placing work on Google Classroom for each lesson. This will not be onerous or overwhelming, but it will be important in developing a pattern which allows each student to maintain progress. If lockdown continues, all teachers will arrange online meetings with classes, at least once a week, beginning next week, during students' normal, timetabled class time. Please support us, and your son, in ensuring his active involvement in these lessons.
And always remember that we are here to help, in any way possible, through this difficult time. It is far from ideal, but we must work together, just as we did last year.
Our continued strength as a school community is our unity, our sense of a shared purpose, and our absolute commitment to the happiness and success of our students.
From the Pastoral care team
Please find below, a link to SchoolTV's advice on how to best support our young men during these uncertain times.
Thank you all for working with us, in so many ways.
Have a special, relaxing weekend together as a family, and stay safe.
Warm regards
Susan Hassall