Message from the Headmaster, Thursday 17 February 2022

Kia Ora

Thank you all for your care and support for the school, as we traverse these unique times.

Yesterday we were informed of a student in Year 9 who has received a positive COVID test result, and this morning we have been notified of a Year 11 student.

To date, all of our cases have been unconnected.

Students who have been identified as close contacts of our Year 11 student have been notified and have gone home to self isolate and have tests. As the Year 9 student had been away last week for an unrelated reason, no students are close contacts of this case.

As more students are being identified as having contracted COVID, we have changed our method of notifying parents. We will now send an email to the address we have on file, and a text message asking that the email be read immediately. 

It is thus important that we have accurate contact details on file for you as caregivers. 

Earlier in the week we did ask for an update of your contact information, if it has changed. If you have a new email or phone number, please inform us as quickly as possible.

I apologise for this more impersonal approach. As numbers grow, we do not have the resources to contact you all individually, and we do want you to be informed as quickly as possible.

You should be very proud of your sons, as we navigate these processes. They have been superb in their response, helpful and caring, and completely compliant to all requests and instructions. I am grateful to be a part of a world where we, as staff, are treated with such respect and consideration. Thank you for all that you do, as parents, to make this possible.

I will continue to inform you as more cases arise. Take care of yourself, and your sons, through the weeks ahead.

Ngaa mihi nui
Susan Hassall