Message from the Headmaster, Tuesday 16 November 2021

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We look forward very much to welcoming our Year 9 and 10 students back to school tomorrow.
To ensure that the transition is smooth and positive, the following protocols will be followed by our staff.
Please read through these notes, and ensure that your son returns aware of his responsibilities. It is so important, as we move back to Alert Level 2 in an environment in which COVID transmission continues, that we all recognise that we must adhere to all health and safety guidelines all of the time.

Protocols at Delta Alert Level 2

  1. No lining up outside classrooms. Students are to move straight into class to their seats.
  2. Students are strongly encouraged to wear their masks and use hand sanitiser while at school.
  3. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to school, and can fill them at the water fountains.
  4. Compulsory hand sanitising for all students before and after interval/lunch as students enter/exit classrooms. Teachers will be given hand sanitiser spray for each classroom.
  5. Any student displaying symptoms of illness should not be at school. If students display any symptoms at Tutor Group time, they will receive a mask (if they don’t have one) and will be sent to the Health Centre (ambulance bay entry) where the nurses will contact parents/caregivers.  Any other health concerns i.e. injuries, headaches  students are to report to the ambulance bay on the outside of the Health Centre to be assessed by the nurses as normal.
  6. Where practicable we need to ensure that students regularly wash and dry hands with soap, cough and sneeze into their elbow, and try to avoid touching their faces. (Refer to the HBHS “Take Care of Your Health” posters given out last year) HOF’s to collect more posters as required from the staffroom.
  7. Students intentionally displaying poor hygiene, for example coughing/sneezing without covering their faces, the sharing of food and drink and spitting, will be subject to disciplinary action.
  8. Students should note that if they feel any anxiety or have any concerns about the return to school that they should speak to their tutor teacher, a teacher they relate to or the guidance staff.
  9. All boys are to be outside during intervals and lunchtimes. No boys in the corridors.
  10. Boys are encouraged to practice physical distancing where possible around school.
  11. Hair Presentation - All students returning to class on Wednesday, 17th November, must adhere to the standard facial hair (clean-shaven) and uniform regulations. We understand the challenges posed by our hair regulations in these circumstances; therefore, students will have a grace period until Monday, 22nd November to obtain a regulation haircut, with the expectation that they will attempt to maintain an orderly appearance in the meantime. Standard hair regulations will be in full effect from next Monday.

Thank you for your continued support and care.


Susan Hassall