New Plymouth Boys' High School Winter Exchange

Congratulations to our teams on their efforts in what were challenging conditions, and thank you to everyone who contributed to the exchange for your hard work with our teams.  The results are as follows:

Rugby 1st XV:  HBHS won 24-12

Rugby 2nd XV:  HBHS won 62-0 

Rugby Under 15A:  HBHS won 21-15

Football 1st XI:  NPBHS won 2-1

Colts Year 10A:  NPBHS won 4-3

Hockey 1st XI:  NPBHS won 4-3

Hockey Development Under 15:  NPBHS won 6-0

Basketball Senior Premier:  NPBHS won 89-75

Basketball Junior Premier:  NPBHS won 51-41

Squash Top 4:  NPBHS won 3-1

Golf Top 8:  Drew 4-4

Inline Hockey Senior:  Drew 5-5

HBHS won 3

NPBHS won 7

Two fixtures were drawn

NPBHS won the exchange overall 7-3