Prefects 2022

At our Honours Assembly, our Prefects for 2022 were named.  Congratulations to all of our student leaders for 2022, and a special congratulations to our Head Prefect, Cayden Buitendach.


Liam Anderson, Ashan Barr, Jack Basel, Jack Broomfield, Daniel Choi, Tana Clapham, Finn Coleman, Liam Davis, Nauvoo Dixon, Dominic Fawkner, Luke Haddon, Sherif Hosni, Keenan Howard, Ethan Johnson, Hamish Kerr, Michael Lin, Joseph Lorimer, Nathanael Loy, Matthew Lynch, Latham Magele, Hitesh Malhotra, Ruaridh Martynoga, Joseph Morgan, Jacob Porter, Wairua Pritchard, Hunter Read, Notus Rivers, Liam Sturm, Josh Syme, Aki Tuivailala, George Unsworth, Thomas Verry, Cooper Wink, Campbell Wood, and Nicholas Wood.

Top Six:

Captain of Arts:  Natthanael Lavasi'i

Captain of Sports:  Payton Spencer

Deputy Head Prefects:  Mitchell Keightley, Hohaia Keogh, and Levi Pruden

Head Prefect for 2022:  Cayden Buitendach