WaiMaths 2022

On Wednesday the 10th of August, in the evening, three teams from HBHS entered the annual WaiMaths quiz, which attracts entries from schools all over Hamilton and the wider Waikato. The quiz entails teams of three students having to compete against each other in a “Maths relay” in which team members need to solve each problem before being allowed to pass on to the next question. A maximum of 45 minutes is permitted for the 20 problems allowing a maximum possible score of 60 points.

Our Year 11 team of Jeremy Coombe, Hugh Masters, and Theo Bankers won their division with a fine performance, especially since Daniel Loy, originally a member of the team, went into COVID isolation early this week after weeks of practising with the team.

The Year 10 team of Conor McCormack, Vincent Lu, and Daniel Thirtle were equally successful, also winning the WaiMaths shield for their age group.

Generally a quiz is won with a score in the mid 50’s, but our Year 9 team of Marcus Ridge, John Huang, and Joseph Guo scored an incredible 60/60 and ended with 4 minutes remaining. An outstanding achievement.

HBHS has often won one or two of the shields, but this is the first time they have won all three in the same year. Congratulations to the boys on an incredible achievement.