Year 11 English - Flash Fiction Competition


“WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?” The horrified voice echoed through the dark room. I stood there with the sharp blade covered in her innocent blood. “What have I done?” I whispered under my breath as shivers raced down my spine. Our mother, bawling uncontrollably, pushed me aside as she went over to my mutilated sister.

I ran outside into the empty darkness questioning if I had done the right thing. I sensed a presence. I turned around and it was there. The slender figure with a dark onyx robe and a white mask approached me slowly. “The job was flawless, kid I’m proud of you.”

I screamed back “Flawless?! I’m disgusted at what I’ve become, I barely feel human anymore.”

“This is what you wanted isn’t it? Eternal wealth. You knew the price you had to pay,” it said lifelessly.

“I want to take it back. Please, I will do anything.”
“Deals with the devil are till death. You can’t just simply reverse one.”

Out of pure rage I took the blade andjammed it into the figure. Nothing. It still stood there without a struggle, glaring into my soul. The darkness surrounding us was intimidating. Slowly it pulled the knife out of its robe, leaving not even an ounce of blood. Suddenly it slashed the blade at me, missing by a hair.

I jumped into my mother’s car, trying to hotwire it before it could get me. With all odds against me the engine started and I smashed down the accelerator which sent me crashing into a humongous tree. My heart dropped as I saw the figure appear outside the window, holding a knife to his neck imitating what he would do to me. I swung open the rusted car door and tried to run but staggered and fell into the thick mud. I was a dead man. Face to face, it raised its arm, gripping the blade in his hand and then piercing my skull with it.

We glanced at the director for approval.

“And… Cut!”