Board of Trustees

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Meet the HBHS Board of Trustees for 2016 – 2020

Back row, from left:  Shantia Enteshari (Student Representative), Craig Coxhead, Quentin West (Staff Representative), Aaron Cornelissen, Arran Pene (Iwi Representative), Greg Peploe, Kent Holdsworth and Kristin Rillstone (Board Secretary).

Front row, from left:  Karleen Broughton, Vic Sneddon, Greg Trowern (Outgoing Deputy Chairperson), Susan Hassall (Headmaster), Stephen Ng (Outgoing Board Chairperson), Rachael Aitchison (Incoming Board Chairperson) and Sigi Kerbers.

The school is governed by the Hamilton Boys' High School Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of key members of the school community, including the Headmaster, parents, teacher & student representatives, along with other people who are committed to ensuring that the school continues to excel. 

The Board of Trustees meets regularly throughout the year. Click here for confirmed Board minutes from past meetings.

For details about the function of school boards visit the New Zealand School Trustees Association Web Site

2021 Board of Trustees Meeting Dates
24 February
31 March
26 May
30 June
25 August
29 September
24 November

For a list of the current Board of Trustees Representatives please click here

For a copy of the school's 2021 Charter click here.

For a copy of the school's 2020 Annual Report click here.

For a copy of the school's 2019 ERO report click here.

For a copy of the school's 2014 ERO report click here.

For a copy of the school's 2014 Client Survey click here.

For a copy of the HBHS Child Protection Policy click here.


For enquiries about the Board of Trustees please contact:

Mrs Kristin Rillstone Board of Trustees Secretary Tel: 07 853 0440 Email: