Academic Pathways

Hamilton Boys' High School recognises, respects and responds to the educational needs of all students including those with exceptional, different and special needs.

All teaching programmes at Hamilton Boys' High School are focused upon the specific learning needs of boys.

New students have their strengths and weaknesses assessed through standardized diagnostics testing and profiling data (e.g. from contributing schools and parents enrolment information). This information is carefully analysed and students are placed in classes that offer differentiated programmes which cater for their educational needs, providing work at the relevant speed, depth and complexity.

Advanced Learning Programme (ALP)

The Advanced Learning Programme (or ALP) identifies and caters for our most able academic students. In Year 9 and 10, these boys are placed in 'one-band' classes, where they have a programme that both extends and enriches them academically and personally.

Within this broad group, students who have exceptional abilities in one or more areas, are placed on individualised programmes (IEPs) which may involve the full range of strategies recognised as catering for highly gifted students.

ALP Pathway

Selected Year 9 ALP (one-band) classes have a compacted Social Studies and Science curriculum (covers Year 9 and 10 curriculum). In Mathematics, 2 classes follow an accelerated programme, completing the Year 10 Mathematics course. Enrichment and extension activities are offered in English. They also undertake an intensive one day Learning Retreat and enter in various competitions. Selected Year 10 ALP students study towards their NCEA Level 1 qualifications, in a range of subjects.

Selected Year 11 ALP students have the option of studying towards the IGCSE qualification through the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). This is in addition to completing their Level 1 NCEA.
Selected Year 12 ALP students are able to choose to study towards their AS Level qualification through the CIE, as well as completing their Level 2 NCEA.
In Year 13 the focus is on completing Level 3 NCEA and attaining N.Z. Scholarship Awards.

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

This programme is to cater for students identified from our entrance testing and information from their profiles as possessing special learning needs - for example limited reading comprehension, a low spelling level, weak numeracy skills. They are placed in our three-band classes, which have small student numbers and teacher aides in core subjects to allow specific and direct assistance.

All strategies implemented (e.g. reading assistance) are based on thorough and proven research and are delivered by well trained professionals.
Learning support continues in Year 11, 12 and 13. This can include assistance for those needing special examination conditions (e.g. reader and writer assistance), based upon strict educational criteria, evaluated each year.