General Information


Available at School Shop.

The following is the uniform of HBHS.
Uniform as listed below must be worn.


Shorts - dark grey, lined (Style Brooke)
Shirt - short Oxford grey (monogrammed)
T-shirt - House colour
Jersey - maroon (monogrammed)
Socks - black with maroon and grey tops (regulation)
Jacket - black and red, monogrammed
Shoes - black leather formal and lace-up; ankle, bootstyle / buckles / street shoes are not acceptable (not available at school shop) Sandals Roman (with backstrap): black no decoration

* We strongly urge students to wear the official crested school black cap or crested black bucket hat when outside

Years 11, 12 and 13

As above or
Trousers - Grey pleated (Style Brooke) with plain black belt and to be worn with grey or black socks.

Where long trousers are unsatisfactory in style or wear, senior students will be required to wear shorts.

Year 13

Shirt - black (monogrammed)
Jersey - black (monogrammed)

Representative, Prefects, Hostel, Travelling Uniform

For teams and students whilst representing the school 

Shirt - white business, long sleeved
Trousers - black pleated (Style Brooke) (worn with black socks)
Tie - school
Blazer - school
Shoes, as above

Physical Education

Shorts - Regulation
Shirts - Regulation

Sports Uniforms

Shirt used for Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Waterpolo
Jersey - Rugby
Shirts - Soccer/Hockey
Socks - Sports
Singlets - Athletics, Basketball
Shorts - Rugby
Track suit (sport or cultural and many other codes) 

School Shop

  • A full range of student stationery is available for purchase from the School Shop for all levels.
  • Stationery lists will be available at school on the first day of Term One.
  • School Diary (compulsory) 
  • ID Card (compulsory) 
  • There is a Yr 9 Basic stationery pack, which contains all necessary requirements.
  • Parents are encouraged to purchase a copy of the school diary as it contains information regarding school routines.


School Donations and course fees will be invoiced to parents and do not need to be paid until accounts are sent home. Prompt payment by the end of March would be appreciated.


School Donation - advised annually
Duplicating Fee - advised annually
Parents' Assoc Donation - advised annually

Optional itemsSold at school shop 
Hats- Crested school black cap or crested black bucket hat
Scarf - school
Backpacks plain black Chiropak, Litepak, Attitude (designed by backcare professionals to relieve spinal stress associated with backpack weight) 

Second Hand Uniforms 
There are limited supplies of: Blazers, PE Shirt & Shorts, Maroon jerseys.

Personal Presentation

Uniform must be clean, pressed, with no holes, and shoes must be nuggetted and polished. A plain black cap or school cap may be worn in Terms 1 and 4. Beanies are not permitted. Jewellery of any kind is not permitted.

Hair is to be short back and sides, cut at or above the hairline and off the ears, collar and face, neat, tidy, combed, and of even length; it must not be braided, dyed, waxed, straightened, nor be tied, spiked, or cut with ridges. All students are to be clean-shaven.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times. A black belt must be worn with long trousers. Socks with shorts must be worn to the knees so garters are required. Socks worn with long trousers must be black or grey. No graffiti is allowed on any bags, pencil cases, books or clothing.