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If you wish to report an absence for your son, please click on "Absences" at the bottom of this page.


Hamilton Boys' High School
Private Bag 3201

Located on Peachgrove Rd

Phone 07 853 0440
Fax 07 853 0433


Position Name Email
Headmaster Susan Hassall
Associate Headmaster Nigel Hotham  ǀ  Leadership & Engagement
Deputy Headmaster Greg Kirkham  ǀ  Events & Community
  Joel Baker  ǀ  School Organisation
  David Williams  ǀ  Academic
 Assistant Principals Dan Bair  ǀ  Pastoral Care
  Charlton Thompson  ǀ  Data & Assessment
Position Name Email
Pastoral & Guidance Greg Kirkham
Director of Pastoral Care Dan Bair
Director of Well Being Barney Killian
Assistant Director of Pastoral Care Shane Singh
Dean of Year 9 Patricia Schmidt
Dean of Year 10 Luke Katene
Dean of Year 11 Hayden Marrow
Dean of Year 12 Andrew Hay
Dean of Year 13 Andrea Randell
Academic Mentor and Dean of Boarding Andy Thomson
Senior Academic Dean Aaron Scott
Dean of Māori Te Kare Emery
Dean of Pasifika Tavita Stowers
Director of ALP Noeline Ashby
Careers Lynnette Ross
Careers Administrator Mandy Brooker
Gateway Co-ordinator Wendy Barry
Head of Guidance Kate Bower
Guidance Counsellor Jessica Weller
School Nurses Sariah Smith & Diana Astwood
On-site Physiotherapists Tel: 07 856 4656
Uniforms and Stationery Liz Caskey
Student Accounts (Fees) Natasha Hawke
Director of International Students Tonia Heeps
Administrator International Students Ann Halpin-Ryan
Middle School Dean Support    
Service Barney Killian
Subject Name Email
Languages, Art & Music Quentin West
Technology Simon Devitt
Mathematics Graham Nolan
Science Andrew Tucker
English Sally Weston
Health & Wellbeing Stephen Smith
Social Sciences Joanne Wallace
Business Rudra Pradeep
Office Kristin Rillstone
Pastoral Care Dan Bair
Wellbeing Barney Killian
Data Manager Paul Gunn


Position Name Email
Curriculum Joel Baker
NZQA/CIE Principals Nominee Charlton Thompson
Curriculum Co-ordinator (Snr) Caitlyn Brown
Curriculum Co-ordinator (Jnr) Christelle Cloete
Reporting Paul Gunn
Learning Support Cyril Cloete
Academic Mentor and Dean of Boarding Andy Thomson
Senior Academic Dean Aaron Scott
Academic Mentor - Pasifika David Stowers
Academic Mentor - Māori Phillipa Grace


Position Name Email
Administration Rudra Pradeep &
Kristin Rillstone
Librarian Nick Vincent
Teacher Librarian Patricia Schmidt
Hostel Murray McKenzie
Audio / Visual Quentin West
Property Nigel Harris
Security Stephen Hawkins
IT Manager Simon Devitt
Website Wendy Moffitt
Publications Wendy Moffitt
Name Email
Ms S Ali
Mr B Allen
Mrs D Arachchige
Ms N Ashby
Mr D Ashton
Mr D Bair
Mr J Baker
Mr N Beard
Mr G Bennett
Miss B Booth
Mr P Bos
Mrs A Botha
Mrs K Bower
Ms C Brown
Mrs S Bury
Ms W Cameron
Dr S Charteris
Ms R Clarke
Mrs C Cloete
Mr C Cloete
Mr B Cooley
Mrs M Cooley
Miss M Coursey
Mr O Cowley
Ms L Cumming
Mr A Davies
Mr T Dent
Mr S Devitt
Ms B Dobbyn
Mr M Dodunski
Mr J du Toit
Ms M Eade
Mr A Ellis
Mr T Emery
Mr L Ensing
Mrs M Fletcher
Mr S Foy
Mr B Galbraith
Mr A Garcia Gil
Mr A Gibbs
Ms P Grace
Mr M Graham
Mrs R Greenhalgh
Miss A Grinter
Miss E Guildea
Mr P Gunn
Mr P Hague
Mr J Harnish
Mr P Harrison
Ms K Hartley
Mr A Hay
Ms T Heeps
Mr K Hellyer
Mr A Heuer
Mrs G Hickman
Mrs L Hill
Mr N Hotham
Mr C Hudson
Ms J Hudson
Mr V Johnson
Mr B Jones
Mr M Jones
Mr L Katene
Mr B Killian
Mr G Kirkham
Mr N Koretz
Mrs K Lal-Raman
Ms S Landon
Ms M Malan
Mr E Mallinson
Mr H Marrow
Mr K Martin
Mrs A Matthews
Mr M Matthews
Mr P McFetridge
Mrs L McGirr
Mr M McKenzie
Ms W Moffitt
Mr C Moorby
Ms E Morgan
Ms L Morgan
Ms D Morrow
Mr G Nolan
Mr P Norman
Mrs C Oliver
Mr B Potter
Mr N Power
Mrs A Pye
Mrs L Rae
Mrs A Randell
Ms F Razak
Mr G Ross
Mrs L Ross
Mr D Roughton
Ms J Ruck Nu’u
Mrs A Ryan
Mr A Salsano
Mr S Sanders
Mrs P Schmidt
Mr A Scott
Ms N Shah
Mrs S Shephard
Mr C Shepherd
Mr T Silvester
Mr A Simmonds
Miss K Simmons
Mr S Singh
Mr S Smith
Mr J Sparrow
Mr J Steel
Mr W Steenkamp
Miss L St George
Mrs S Stephens
Mr J Steyn-Ross
Ms C Stoner
Mr D Stowers
Mr R Strother
Mr R Teokotai-White
Mr J Te Ruki-Chambers
Mr C Thompson
Mr A Thomson
Mr J Tizard
Mr R Trass
Ms L Van Der Beek
Mrs K Van Der Toorn
Mrs A Van Jaarsveld
Mrs M Varma
Mrs J Wallace
Miss J Weller
Mrs D Weren
Mr Q West
Mr S West
Mr B Westleigh
Mrs S Weston
Dr D Williams
Mr R Wilson
Mr C Winks
Mr E Winslade
Mrs M Young
Ms L Zhou
Position Name Email
Leadership & Engagement Nigel Hotham
Director of Art & Culture Timothy Dent
Director of Sport Murray McKenzie
High Performance Sports Rahiti Teokotai-White
Report an Absence

If your son is going to be absent from school, please contact the pastoral team before 8.45am and provide the relevant details:

Phone 07 853 0432  OR


Please note: Caregivers who do not report an absence for their son by 11.30am will receive a text message notifying them that their son did not report for school.